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Live in care

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Live with the freedom you deserve.

Welcome to Dynamic Viewpoint Healthcare Ltd, your trusted provider of live-in care services in Crawley, West Sussex. We are dedicated to empowering individuals to live their lives to the fullest, on their own terms, and with the utmost comfort and dignity.

Live-in care is more than just assistance. It’s about fostering a sense of security, independence, and well-being. It’s about creating opportunities for new experiences, personal growth, and meaningful connections. At Dynamic Viewpoint, we believe that aging should be a positive and enriching experience, and we are committed to helping you make the most of every day.

Some reasons why you may need live-in care:

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How to arrange domiciliary care services with us

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Who is live in care for?

Dynamic Viewpoint Healthcare Ltd is your trusted partner for comprehensive live-in care services, serving adults of all ages throughout West Sussex. We specialize in providing tailored support for a diverse range of health conditions, including dementia, post-surgery care, and progressive illnesses like multiple sclerosis. With Dynamic Viewpoint Ltd, you can expect consistent, dependable care that meets your unique needs.

Our team of dedicated nursing experts is committed to providing personalized care plans that cater to a wide range of health conditions and care requirements. Whether you need round-the-clock care for a loved one to prevent falls or seek assistance with your own health needs to manage daily tasks, we’re here to help you achieve your goals and live a fulfilling life.

A live in carer can help with:

Personal care

Providing customized support with bladder management, bathing, and dressing routines to meet individual needs and preferences.

Medication assistance

Our live-in carers are certified to provide medication assistance, including organizing and administering medications as prescribed.


Your dedicated live-in carer is here to transform your home into a comfortable and enjoyable living space.

Getting out and about

Your live-in carer will transform your home into a welcoming and comfortable haven, ensuring your continued enjoyment and well-being.

Errands and shopping

Taking care of everyday tasks like grocery shopping, bill payment, and pet care, freeing up your time and energy for activities you enjoy.

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